The American Cooling Systems Difference


Strong and lasting business relationships since 1999 are at the heart of how American Cooling Systems does business.  Through our customer relationships, we gain insight into the specific system and product needs of each customer; in turn, we are able to provide the exact solution to maximize engine cooling.  Our customer interaction supported by a dedicated sales and engineering team and is backed up by American Cooling Systems continuing the emphasis on applications support.

Strong relationships involve more than just good Sales and Engineering support; they mean working closely with all levels of a customer’s organization, from engineering to operations to end users. As we grow our business and the list of satisfied customers expands, we pledge to continue bringing more value to each customer through the introduction of new products, outstanding operational support, and best-in-class applications engineering service.

The list of satisfied customers is long, and new customers are constantly being added. If you do not currently use American Cooling Systems fans, please consider giving us the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate how our product solutions can be applied to your application demands.

// Facility

  • The American Cooling Systems, LLC facility is located in the Northwest section of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • The current staff includes: Quality Assurance, Engineering, Field Sales, Manufacturing, Testing, and Administration.

// Capabilities

  • Quality Assurance:
    • Customer Certifications:
      • Deutz
      • Caterpillar
      • Cummins
      • JLG Corp
      • Volvo
      • CNH Corp
      • PACCAR
  • Development /Testing / Prototype
  • Our development capability includes a Wind Tunnel used in air flow and fan performance testing and competitive analysis.
  • Durability Cells that provide cyclic and long term durability testing used for verification/validation of all ACS fans.
  • Noise Evaluation – Sound Test equipment is available for comparative noise testing
  • Quality Certifications
  • Our engineering expertise represents many years of experience working in the heavy truck and off-highway industries.  Our dedicated staff will work hand in hand with your engineering to make the right fan selection from our wide array of products.  The right fan selection will give you the optimal level of air flow to cool your engines with the lowest possible noise and horsepower.  Our full service support means that you do not have to consume your valuable Engineering resources on fan selection.
  • Our Application support can help you identify  and ACS alternative for  existing polymer or metal fans, which can provide a cost savings and proven durability.
  • ACS designs and develops generic fans to meet the increased cooling demands of today’s market.



AMERICAN COOLING SYSTEMS started in 1999 with a core group of Engineering, Quality, Test and Sales personnel experienced in the Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, On and Off-Highway, Specialty Vehicle, and Class 8 markets.  ACS’s initial objective was to provide fans to niche markets that other larger manufactures chose not to pursue.  Our fans are standard on Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, On and Off-Highway, Specialty Vehicle, and Class 8 markets.  And, ACS offers a full line of replacement fans for most applications.

We design and manufacture Polymer engine cooling fans for OEM and Aftermarket use.  ACS fans demonstrate the highest performance levels to maximize airflow while reducing demand on engine horsepower.  Our fans have significantly higher efficiency than standard fans and are available in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations, with diameters up to 1250 mm.

1999 – ACS developed and patented a unique laser-assisted computerized fan balancing system using hub-mounted balance weights. We achieve near-zero unbalance, which avoids balancing by trimming the fan blade tips. This assures each fan blade is at a uniform length, ensuring consistent tip clearance, creating greater airflow, and lower noise. All ACS fans from the smallest diameter to the largest diameter are balanced to near-zero unbalance.  Starting with initial production ACS utilized a controlled coating process (E-Coat) on the fan center disk. This process reduces unbalance of the center disk and provides superior corrosion resistance.  These state of the art processes assure that our customers receive the highest level of quality and the most robust designs available.

2004 – ACS moved to its present location at 3099 Wilson Drive N.W. in Grand Rapids, Michigan to increase capacity to support its growing list of global customers,  and 2008 ACS achieved ISO 9001 certification, and in 2011 we were Certified ISO 14001.

ACS has received numerous awards including; PACCAR’s Supplier of the Year, Spartan’s Quality Supplier Award, and we have received Quality Certifications from our global OEM customers.