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3099 Wilson Dr., NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49534
Toll Free: 1-800-974-FANS
Phone: (616) 954-0280
Fax: (616) 954-0283

// Company Operations

Director of Operations:   Gil Springman GSpringman@americancooling.com

Engineering:   Ryan Hanson   RHanson@americancooling.com

Engineering & Sales Support:  John B. Jahns JJahns@americancooling.com

Plant Manager:   Greg Westbrook   GWestbrook@americancooling.com

Quality Control:   Lori Johnson   LJohnson@americancooling.com

Accounts Receivable and Human Resources:  Carolyn Cochran   CaCochran@americancooling.com

Customer Service Manager:   Dyan Siedlecki   DSiedlecki@americancooling.com

Customer Service and Production Materials:   Raymond Patterson  RPatterson@americancooling.com

Customer Service – Transportation:   Ben Raber   BRaber@americancooling.com

Customer Service:   Belinda Hardy  BHardy@americancooling.com


// Sales

Global and International Sales:  Steven C. Marley   SMarley@americancooling.com

North American Sales:  Bob Cooke   BCooke@americancooling.com

Sales and Sales Support: David Solomon  DSolomon@americancooling.com 

// Corporate Office:


Manager:  Robert A. Rosin  555 Skokie Blvd. Suite 350

Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (312) 372-9234
E-mail: RRosinlaw@ameritech.net