History / Of American Cooling system

AMERICAN COOLING SYSTEMS, L.L.C., (“ACS”) designs and manufactures engine cooling fans for OEM and Aftermarket use. ACS fans demonstrate the highest performance levels to maximize airflow while reducing demand on engine horsepower.

ACS has developed a line of high efficiency fans. These fans have significantly higher efficiency than standard fans and are available in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations, with diameters up to 48″.

To provide a superior product, ACS developed and patented a unique laser-assisted computerized fan balancing system using hub-mounted balance weights. ACS achieves near watches replica zero un-balance, avoids balancing by trimming the fan blade tips. On ACS fans, each fan blade is a uniform length, creating greater airflow, lower noise and each blade is at the same distance from the fan shroud. This precision balancing improves fan clutch bearing life.

ACS uses a controlled coating process (E-Coat) on the fan center disk. This process reduces un-balance in the center disk material and provides superior corrosion resistance.

ACS fans are standard on truck and off-road applications. ACS offers a full line of replacement fans for on and off road applications.

American Cooling Systems started in 1999 with a core group of Engineering, Quality, Test and Sales personnel experienced in the Class 8, Agriculture, Industrial and Off-Highway markets.